Kristen Giddings Studio

A virtual fitness studio for people who want to get stronger, ease pain, and finally make movement a consistent part of their life.

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Kristen Giddings Studio offers unlimited access to a library of on-demand and livestream Pilates classes through her virtual fitness studio. The classes use low-impact, intentional movement to build full-body strength, increase flexibility and enhance balance. The end result? Enhancing your entire quality of life. All your movement — from everyday activities like walking up and down the stairs, to physical challenges like running, hiking, skiing, dancing— all become easier, pain is alleviated, and you feel better and more confident in your body. ​ Want to wake up tomorrow morning feeling less achy and with more energy?


Real experiences. Real results.

"I did my first boxing class in about a year and a half. I stopped because of time and my body was falling apart (knees/shoulders - I’m old). Being consistent with your classes has made all the difference! My shoulders are more controlled/stable when I’m throwing punches. And of course the overall core awareness/control doesn’t hurt! So thank you!!"

"Kristen is such a natural teacher. She continues to astonish and delight me with her high energy, sense of ease and humor, and her detailed knowledge of how our body works. She has genuine passion for what she does and it really shows through! Her classes are challenging with great varieties of modifications, and her verbal cues are impeccable. My fitness routine cannot exist without her!"

"It has been YEARS – I mean YEARS - since I have done an ab workout that didn't cause low back discomfort. That 30 minutes was completely pain/discomfort free. That was so nice!"

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At-home convenience to help you make movement a sustainable part of your lifestyle. Workout with Kristen Giddings Studio at the time best for you and your schedule.

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